'so j i'm watching the hq anime should i read the manga' YES YOU SHOULD HERE'S WHY:

  • holy characterization details, batman, such as hinata’s little tiny manipulative streak and a whole bunch of small grace note moments between daichi and suga
  • the facial expressions
  • i know the facial expressions are great in the anime but the manga is something else
  • every single panel is a delight, with good dialogue and beautiful composition
  • in fact, the entire manga is a masterpiece of pacing and frame usage; the flow of the action is clear, the games are dynamic, the art itself is technically spot-on re anatomy, foreshortening, value usage, etc
  • just. just read it. pleas e read the thing. please.
Anonymous sent:

Kageyama+10 :) if you still getting it, if not sorry senpai